2014 - 2015 Pastel Archives - Teddy Draper, Jr.

Although working with pastels can be challenging, Teddy Draper Jr. expresses the medium like no one else can. He depicts his life on the edge and within the magnificent Canyon DeChelly, his Navajo homeland in living color. He employs his own unique technique that has been constantly refined and improved upon for the past fiffy years.

He attributes his present style to a feeling for "unseen colors." The refinement process is "like aging a good wine, you find you've got more color, style, and feelings."

All of Teddy's 2014 - 2015 pastel creations are gone. Don't miss Teddy's latest 2016 Navajo Pastel work now available for sale.

Teddy Draper, Jr. • DeChelly Art LLC • PO Box 1936 • Chinle, AZ 86503