Pastels by Teddy Draper, Jr.

Teddy Draper, Jr, Navajo Artist, is renowned for his pastel paintings. His work portrays the life and landscape of Navajoland and the Navajo People (The Diné) in living color. He employs an individual technique that has been constantly refined and improved upon for the past fifty years, incorporating under painting pastel in order to achieve the highest brilliance, dimension, and resonance of color in this medium. He attributes his present style to a feeling for "unseen colors." The refinement process is "like aging a good wine, you find you've got more color, style, and feelings."

Voices From Above, Beauty All Around Me and Last Rider In are three of Teddy's favorite pastel works. Middle of winter can be brutally cold on the Navajo Reservation. However, weather doesn’t negate the need to take care of sheep and livestock. In fact, it becomes more important to make sure they are well tended to during the bitter cold days and nights.

Teddy Draper Jr's pastel work is featured in collections worldwide. Art Collectors agree that Teddy's art is some of the best representation of Navajoland and The Navajo People.

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