Navajo Traditional & Contemporary Design Jewelry

Navajo artist, Teddy Draper, Jr. is noted as much for his painting as for his handmade turquoise, silver, and gold jewelry. You'll find finely crafted silver rings, earrings, bracelets, bola ties and belt buckles inset with precious gems and high quality stones such as turquoise from Carico Lake, Bisbee and Morenci.

Shown above are just a few examples of Teddy's jewelry work currently for sale. Teddy's work is in high demand. Come to the 2017 Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM; arrive early to get first dibbs on his new 2017 Navajo Jewelry Collection.

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Teddy has created a special niche in the Native American Art world. He is equally adept at traditional techniques and contemporary designs in both jewelry and painting. Teddy has traveled the United States exhibiting his work and has achieved international acclaim touring Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain.

In addition to jewelry making, Teddy Draper, Jr. also holds widely acclaimed Artist Workshops in and around Navajo country - the beautiful Canyon De Chelly. He is also the owner/director of the DeChelly Gallery in Chinle, Arizona. His works have won awards nationally and are collected internationally.


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Teddy Draper, Jr. • DeChelly Art LLC • PO Box 1936 • Chinle, AZ 86503